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Bio Mapping Workshop at London Gallery West

Bio Mapping Workshops

There are two slighty different formats a Bio Mapping workshop can take:

1 Flexible
The workshop location and start time are advertised localy and through art world channels. Any text and images from this website can be used to publicise the event. The event runs in a flexible way for about 4 hours with who ever comes during this time. A local assistant is needed to help with explaining parts of the project and helping kit people out and taking deposits from people.

2 Formal
This type of workshop normally takes 3 hours, and is designed for 8 people who have signed up to take part in the workshop beforehand.


Each participants is fitted out with a Bio Mapping device and then invited to go for a walk in the local area for a period of about an hour.

People are encouraged to go for a walk where ever they like but to try and think about the events that pccur and the choices they make during their walk.

Upon their return, the data is downloaded from the Bio Mapping device and each person's emotion map generated by the mapping software.

Each person is given enough time to study their own personal map before talking to the other participants about their experiences during the walk.

Any particular associations that people can make between the arousal data and their experiences are recorded on the map as a spatial annotations.

After each participant has finished discussing their walk, all the tracks are combined to create a communal emotion map of the area.

This is the the setting for the closing discussion that raises the larger question of what this communal map represents and how it might be used by the participants.

If the facilities exist peoples personal maps can be printed out for people to take home as a souvenier of their experience. The participants can also download the data from their walk from this website and visualise it using Google Earth on their own computer. Depending on the context of the workshop it can be useful to raise particular local issues for discussion or focus on how this workshop might fit in with other acitivies being undertaken. Bio Mapping Workshop at London Gallery West

Participants gathering round to talk about their experiences during their walk.

Bio Mapping Workshop at London Gallery West

Follow up workshop at John Kelly Boys Technical College which focused on expanding the ideas around Bio Mapping with group brainstorming.


Technical requirements for setting up a Bio Mapping workshop:
1 Data projector
2 Ideally broadband internet connection

I currently have a maximum of 10 functional Bio Mapping devices available for use by the participants.


Previous Workshops:
Freqout, October 2006
South Bank University, March 2006
John Kelly Boys Technical College, Feb 2006
Urban Learning Space, Glasgow Oct 2005
Ittaca, Helsinki, Finland Sep 2005
Pavilion, Huddersfield, UK Mar 2005
Trans Cultural Mapping, Helsinki Aug 2004
Day-to-Day Data, Nottingham, Uk Aug 2004
Siena Design Project, Italy Jul 2004
Ittaca, Istanbul, Turkey Jul 2005

Christian Nold
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Hello I need to get feedback from people about what they think about the Bio Mapping project. Please help by filling out this online form. Thanks so much !!!


I am in Tokyo speaking and running a Bio Mapping workshop at the Dislocate 07 conference. Come and join us if you are around.


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The San Francisco Emotion Map is complete. At the end of July I will be Bio Mapping in Tokyo. Until then I am working on my book and setting up a project in Stockport and Stoke Newington. Please see my main site for more info.


There is a new interview about the Bio Mapping project.


Bio Mapping has won the SciArt R&D award which will give me time to write a book about the project and commission some critical / historical essays around the project. If you are intersted in writing one get in touch!

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A high quality MPEG4 video of the Greenwich Emotion Map is available for download


I was interviewed on BBC World Service and NewsTalk106. See Tom Hagler's walk in Covent Garden.
(requires Google Earth)


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